Is TD broken or do I actually owe $1,000,000?

So I got an email that said something something something all the $75P $AMC contact’s you sold have been assigned. And my day trade buying power is suddenly showing up as -$1,000,000 with a cash balance of $0. Also I can’t view any of my positions/balances BUT the TD website is currently “under maintenance” at the moment. My question is, are the rest of you retards unable to see your account balance and positions or do I need to go grab some rope?

(Insight: it was a $75/$80 put debtit spread… I think. So the $80 should have been exercised as well.. probably)

What do you think?

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  1. If you owe your broker $10,000 you have a problem. If you owe your broker $1,000,000 your broker has a problem.

    FR, though, they should have exercised the long leg at the same time. – even if the app doesn’t show it yet, looks like you’ve hit max profit. Congrats!

    ^(please don’t let this comment age poorly)

  2. Good god dude.

    You must be the dumbest option seller on the face of the earth.

    What is your explanation for this insanity?

    Edit: it’s a put debit spread you said. So you bought an 80 put option and sold the 75 right?

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