It’s Arty’s World – Launching Today on Uniswap Welcome to Arty’s World!

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Arty is a community-driven, multifaceted ecosystem powered by the $ARTY token that rewards its holders with ultra-premium NFTs.
IG – @itsartysworld
Twitter- @itsartysworld

ARTY’s Token Live on Uniswap – Unique project that rewards Hodlers with NFTs created by Established artists in the space

ERC20 Token

Welcome to Arty’s World !

Definitely not your typical uniswap launch. This particular project has raised over 2 million USD over the past several months as it builds out an incredible ecosystem on the backs of established NFT artists, including Eddie Gangland, The Most Famous Artists and many more! Every week a single featured artist will have their own NFTs released to the community, in 3 rarity levels. The first drop has a diamond edition that will be limited to 50 mints, the platinum limited to 450 and the gold to 1000.

While Arty’s World functions as the foundation of the Arty ecosystem, Arty aims to deliver a myriad of features and functions to its ecosystem creating more utility for the $ARTY token through its own unique reward mechanisms.

Out of the gate, Arty’s Token will be used to secure the previously mentioned weekly NFT drops, as there will be hodling minimums to qualify for each release. In the near future, there will be additional uses for Arty’s Token which will include staking rewards and many other exciting features.

Arty’s World will also be releasing their own Wallet App this month which will allow you to securely keep your crypto assets, from tokens to your full digital art collection. The app will curate an incredible user experience based on the art itself. Augmented Reality is a feature that will be included in the near future which will allow you to drop your favorite pieces into real life, right there in the wallet app.

—Arty’s Token—

The token has a 6% fee built in, which will be used to support our current artists as well as future artist acquisitions. So make sure slippage is set at at least 9%. Also make note that they will eliminate their fee (set to 0%) by the 60th day of trading, as they plan to be listed on centralized exchanges within that time frame and see no need for a transfer fee at that point.






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