KAR Auction Services Inc NYSE: $KAR inventory pipeline got shrunk this week

KAR Auction Services Inc NYSE: KAR $KAR is a technology that owns several brands. The brands include:

* PAR North America

[ Bryanna Labecca Cox is the owner of Asset Resolutions and Paradigm Recovery And Remarketing Services in South Houston Texas ](

* High Tech Locksmiths (key brokers)
* ADESA Auto Auction
* (repossession routing SaaS
* Cleardata
* Automotive Finance Corporation (floor planner for used-car dealerships)
* CARSArrive Network (auto freight broker)
* AUTOvin (on-the-lot auditor for AFC Dealers)
* Recoverdatabase (SaaS backed by GM Financial (AmeriCredit)
* CARS Arrive Network (auto freight broker
* DentDemom (paintless dent removal at auction post-repo)
* Insurance Auto Auctions (salvage pools for insurance carriers)

It’s simple, $KAR needs a Vehicle Identification Number to send an invoice. $KAR uses Salesforce $CRM to power their global enterprise. $KAR is able to feed their pipeline for VINs because they have a cartel monopoly on the American Recovery Association (ARA). $KAR has McRepo’d the repossession industry of the united states through strategic acquisitions.

$KAR brass knew a certain repossession company with a 2 state footprint was for sale, however, $KAR thought they could cut off the repossession company’s API flow in an attempt to bankrupt this repossessor. The member is a long-standing member of the California Association of Licensed Repossessors. After an emergency meeting last week it was decided to contact Washington DC. The ARA has a PAC named the Repo Alliance. Repo Alliance has been facing an uphill battle against the CFPB about requiring NMLS standards for all repossession employees and skip tracers. This business model will not work for KAR Global because a person in Indiana or India isn’t going to be able to call a California consumer or broker a repossession again.

No VIN pipeline, no revenue for ancillary repossession services, and auction fees. The strategic partnership with the Digitial Recognition Network is going away and without DRNData the KAR Global repossession model is dead. No more Uber McRepo.

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