KarenDoge ($KARENDOGE) | PRE-SALE JULY 8TH | $KARENDOGE is about to call the Manager and demand the moon!


$KARENDOGE is about to call the Manager and demand the moon!

KarenDoge is a deflationary token on Binance Smart Chain, which provides long-term value for investors while also incorporating a next-generation buy-back mechanism to optimize buy-back funds. KarenDoge will ultimately transform into a utility token that will give consistent rewards and buy pressure, further rewarding investors. I think this has great potential for huge rewards to all holders and believe it’s worth checking out!


Buy Tax:

6% The Manager (Buy-Back)

2% Reflection To Holders

4% Marketing/Development

Sale Tax:

8% The Manager (Buy-Back)

6% Reflection to holders

4% Marketing/Development.

Token Distribution:

10% Private Sale (Funds used to kickstart development)

5% Initial Burn

5% Airdrop

45% Pre-Sale

35% PancakeSwap Liquidity.

📈 The Manager is a proprietary off-chain algorithmic buy-back mechanism. It doesn’t just buy back sells, it intelligently buys to maximize price impact. It will amplify pumps, smash resistance, and stop dips.

⏰PRE-SALE is on Thursday (July 8) at 7:30 PM UTC (12:30 PM PST, 3:30 PM EST).

🐥Telegram: KarenDogeToken

🌐Website: karendoge .com

🦜Twitter: karendogetoken

📈Chart : TBA

📑 Contract : TBA

🔒 Liquidity Locked

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