Launching Soon! ⚔ Samurai Bot ⚔ Arm yourself with the best tool to fit your growing arsenal

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? Presales being filled instantly while you’re still contemplating how much to put in? Bots getting all the best buys on launch while your still typing in the slippage? Trying to sell during a dip, only to find yourself at the bottom? Ever thought, if you can’t beat them, join them?

Samurai Bot is a generation of bots that maximizes the strengths of other sniping bots while having no added fees and staying affordable.

To build a strong community and not saturate our bot, each tier will be sold in highly limited (quantities).

🌑 Tier 0 (600): An affordable option for those who intend to snipe only with low amounts of BNB, Tier 0 is our most basic option with no added features and user interface, but fast PancakeSwap purchases that does the job at a level that more than matches the price tag.

🌓 Tier 1 (500): Extremely fast PancakeSwap snipes with easy set up and no added costs. These snipes are even faster than those of Tier 0, which creates the Potential to buy in during same block as liquidity and get the best possible prices. Tier 1 also comes with a user interface that makes the sniping experience both simple and enjoyable.

🌕 Tier 2 (400): Same speed and experience as Tier 1 with the added feature of limit sales. By introducing a limit sale into sniping you can truly set your bot to snipe, live your daily life, then come back later to see how much profit you made. Even for those who avidly watch the charts, prices often move faster than we humans can react, thus automated limit sales granting a substantial advantage.

🌟 Tier 3 (300): Same features as Tier 2 with the addition of anti-anti-bot mechanisms and an included DxSale bot. The DxSale bot can help you get into high demand presales that sell out in 20 seconds or less. Combined with the PancakeSwap sniping limit sales, these bots can lead to an absurd amount of profits.

Get in before its all gone. Join Today!
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