Let’s smash the Piñuta ! CAKE reflection / Buyback mechanism / Dynamic LP / 150BNB presale filled in few seconds

Smash the Pinuta, Earn CAKE !

150BNB presale has been filled in few seconds, it’s going to be a huge play.

Hey guys, this is the next big thing. Crazy clean launch with based devs with a lot of experience driving sucessful projects (EverMars team, 6M$ MC project, CG after 24h, CMC). They have the tools necessary, heavy solidity coding experience and the contacts to make this explode and drive us to the moon.

And thanks to the revolutionized recipe Piñuta provides, all you have to do is buy the token and wait for reflection taxes to return you your investment and more.

By taking a piece of every transaction and converting the value into CAKE that gets reflected right into your wallet, you can collect CAKE simply by watching Piñuta bring in volume.

As such, this truly is the first token to allow you to win simply by buying and holding. And that’s before considering the buyback mechanic that will help Piñuta keep its price looking healthy and chart ascending to the gates of holy gains.

In the steady hands of experienced professionals, expect this market cap to skyrocket following their whitelist contest and public listing on PancakeSwap.

With anti-bot and anti-snipe features built into the contract, getting in at listing is a real possibility for those of us relying on our human hands. Just make sure you set that slippage and gas rate high.

DYOR and don’t play with more than you’re willing to lose, but the risk/reward with known teams and reputations on the line is a lot better than what you’re going to see with most new coins out here.

Website: [](

Telegram: [](

Soon – Buylink: [](

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