LEXIT: Facilitating mergers and acquisitions on blockchain

Fun fact! I bet you didn’t know the mergers and acquisition market has been the same comparing the 1960’s to today. However, the emergence of the blockchain ecosystem is going to be the catalyst for change. Based on this, LEXIT is capitalizing on this to be the pioneer in handling the whole process i.e. from handling intellectual property, corporate assets, startups, and enterprises. This in the long run ensures the business marketplace becomes liquid, efficient, and transparent. Surely this could be the first time we’re going to see this happening in space. What a time it is to be alive!!!

LEXIT is in the business to eliminate the centralized mitigating instances that void the smooth process. it is fundamentally sound when you realize LEXIT offers you the chance of overseeing and controlling your full mergers and acquisition processes. At the heart of all this, is the LEXI coin which in effect provides say, buyers a detailed representation of listed blockchain projects. I could go on and on about the LEXIT ecosystem. It is that amazing. With the launch slated for 21st July 2021, it is surely going to cause a spike in coin price. Maybe you’re not looking to make a quick buck but will hedge your money on the future of the ecosystem. for such people, LEXIT is having a staking program that seeks to reward you for your belief and loyalty to the project. Details of the staking are outlined below.

Staking pool – 1 million LEXI tokens committed
• 3 months – moon 125K limit (12% APY)
• 6 months – mars 125K limit (14% APY)
• 9 months – Jupiter 250K limit (16% APY)
• 1 year – Neptune 500K limit (21% APY)

Be sure to let me know what you think in the comments. Till the next one….. see you.

Never take my word for the gospel. Take it upon yourself and be responsible for your research. Make a conscious effort to do so and not fall prey to Hyenas within this space.

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  1. Mergers and aquisition markets have same model as compared to 60’s but there are a variety of added features by which projects like Lexit will be able to provide benefits to the general public .

I feel like the evolution of crypto markets is highly dependable on the quality of the trading platform

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