License Plate Theory DD: BC to 🌕

Gather round autists and let’s discuss my personal method of stock picks based on license plates of cars that I like.

So driving to my wage cage this dreary Saturday morning, I was passed by a very nice 5 series BMW in a very attractive dark blue color. The license plate was BC2MN, the rest of which I will not reveal for obvious reasons, but it clearly signifies the gains coming for Brunswick Corporation.

Brunswick makes fucking yachts, and yacht engine parts and accessories. Those yacht parties your planning will be playing right into their hands. Earnings have been steadily increasing, and are due end of July, I expect a blow out quarter, why you ask?

Pandemics over, people are traveling again, it’s summer so everyone has been getting their boats ready for the season, oh, and there’s 55% SI on the stock.

Ignore the license plate at your own loss.

What do you think?

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  1. Haha dude there’s a license plate in my parking garage that’s AMD076 and I had the “maybe it’s a sign to buy AMD @ $76” thought back when AMD was at those levels. Turns out it was lol

  2. You have this all wrong. This morning I offered my laying hens pellets and mealworms, and they ate Pellets first, a shit TON of them, so this is clearly my first move Monday am. Forget the license plate, follow the oracular chickens!

  3. Your logic is flawed. You think those who own yachts have been sitting at home this entire time? 😂😂 the poorishness in this post is hilarious. They don’t concern themselves with the likes of us or our pandemic. Nothing changed for them. And SI means nothing. Have you not been paying attention?

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