Looking for criticisms of Fantom

Looking for criticism of Fantom

The last two months I have been investing in DeFi, and was introduced to the fantom opera network by a friend who has been in the DeFi space for over a year. I am loving it and have put a large portion of my portfolio into FTM and projects on its blockchain. I have had some solid returns as I have been taking profits and buying dips (and luck) along with some crazy APRs from the farms. The network seems to run just as fast if not faster than BSC or Poly and seems more decentralised than BSC.

But I want to know what people don’t like about the network, it just dropped out of the top 100 and I see so much being developed on its chain that I can’t understand the low market cap compared to so many coins with little to no utility. I know it’s PoS not a PoW system and many don’t like that, but I would love any well thought out criticism because when I research all I can find is reasons why people think it’s amazing and shilling it.

What do you think?

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