Losing my mind trying to get new rig to boot (xeon LGA 2011 mobo – 7 slots)

Hey all – I’m hoping one of you can point me in the direction to go with this. I’m trying to repurpose an older HP xeon z440 to jump into the mining game. Yes, I know it’s probably useless for etherium at this point in time, but it’s mostly just for fun and to keep skills sharp.

The thing I can’t seem to bypass is that I can’t seem to get the system to boot without the very odd following parameters:

1: Nvidia card on PCIE slot 2 (v3)

2: Slot set to auto speed.

3: Can’t use a riser.

Both of my nvidia cards are chonker 2x 8-pin, 2 slot cards. Has anyone run into this on an HP or similar xeon system?

To test that I’m not losing it, I have tested all 8 of my risers and all 6 of my AMD cards (6700 xt, 4x 580’s, 1x 570) in both the bare PCIE slot (as in no riser, because maybe the risers are bad or something) and in the riser. I don’t even get POST when I plug it in. Just a black screen. When I plop in an nvidia card (not on a riser though) – BAM it boots right up.

Anyone have any thoughts?

-Edit – I’ve tried booting with a 980TI and a 3060. Both work. None of the 6 AMD’s will boot. They work in my other system – it’s gotta be the mobo for some reason.

What do you think?

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