Lost connection to stratum server

Hey lads, im trying to make the jump from nicehash to etherminer using lolminer. I am having a very confusing fleet of problems.
When i try to start lolminer i get the error:
“Lost connection to stratum server []( or server not reachable.

Trying to connect in 1 second”

I have tried the alt ports, SSL ports, and west coast servers, also tried TCP, and UDP connections with no success. I also allowed lolminer though my firewall and added it to my allowed programs list.

It makes no sense to me because am able to connect to flexpool, hivepool and nicehash pool just fine with no issues, but have many issues when connecting to the ethermine pool. I don’t even need a VPN to connect to the other pools.

I was able to get it to connect last night after trying about 50+ nordvpn servers, dedicated ips, double vpns, TCP connection and UDP connection but this morning it stopped again and i have been unable to get it to reconnect after trying dozens more nordvpn servers.


Anyone have any solutions i have not tried?

What do you think?

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