Love you all 😎

This is a good community.

When I discovered it last Christmas, it was full of people that found happiness in absurdity. That was pure heaven. For me, that’s how to win in life. To hold on to your absurd ideas (or just individual weirdness), against an equally absurd world. Because they can’t take that “weird” away from any of us. Only we can choose when such a thing is no longer relevant to us. The coin was worth, woefully, under a dollar. It is just a meme after all, but we all loved it.

Although the rise in value has added a bit of greed into the mix (the concept of currency and gain will always do this, to varying degrees), the same absurd spirit persists.

Never change, even as the graph crests and falls. I hope we all keep popping that champagne for the bronze medal. Bronze is just “economy gold”.

What do you think?

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