Meet PointPay – the most Promising and Reliable Cryptocurrency Ecosystem of 2020

Fatchemist continues research in the unique trends and ideas of cryptocurrency space. Our today’s review is devoted to PointPay Cryptocurrency Ecosystem as it has the highest scores from crypto experts on Fatchemist platform. Let’s take a look at this project which is already launched and has a motto ‘The Future is here’.

The undeniable advantage of PointPay is that the company decided to unite crypto exchange, blockchain bank, crypto wallet and payment system in one single platform. Clients need only one account to have access to every PointPay product.

PointPay it the first company in the world which launched blockchain bank. It enables customers to open crypto checking and savings accounts in Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), dollar stablecoin – Tether USD, tokenized gold – Tether Gold (XAUt), and PointPay Token (PXP). After depositing funds, clients start earning daily compound interest on their accounts. The highest interest is on the PXP Savings Account – 15% yearly – amazing, especially during the COVID-19 crisis. PointPay PXP token can be bought on its token sale platform in the certain tab of the website. The other interests of bank savings accounts are given below:

·      Bitcoin – 6.1% yearly;

·      Ethereum – 4.6% yearly;

·      Tether USD – 8% yearly;

·      Tether Gold – 5% yearly.

The second product of PointPay is crypto exchange which allows customers to earn funds as well: everyone can invite new users to the system and receive 50% referral bonus from the system fee. It is automatically given while your referrals do trading operations on PointPay Crypto Exchange such as buying or selling cryptocurrency. Another feature of PointPay Exchange is that the project provides its own crypto video school for beginners: everyone who is new to crypto can learn from A to Z what cryptocurrency is and how to trade on PointPay Crypto Exchange. We would like to underline that the system has a user-friendly design and movable trading blocks that could be customized by the client according to his or her desire. Moreover, PointPay has implemented a quick cryptocurrency exchange tab where everyone can convert crypto-to-crypto without any knowledge of market, limit and stop-limit orders work.

Furthermore, we were also impressed by the PointPay Crypto Wallet which has industry innovation: sending and receiving funds via email address. Currently, this feature works on PointPay Ecosystem only. If you want to send funds to your friend, just enter his or her email address in PointPay and the funds will be delivered to your receiver in PointPay Crypto Wallet. Another feature is the graphic interaction of customer’s crypto funds portfolio in US dollars in the pie chart form.

If you do not have cryptocurrency yet, you can buy some crypto withPointPay Payment System even staying at home. It allows its customers to buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether USD and other cryptocurrencies with credit and debit cards (for USD, EUR, GBP, NOK, RUB, UAH, and other fiat currencies). Moreover, if you did some profit on PointPay Crypto Exchange and decided to sell crypto and receive fiat funds to your bank card, PointPay Payment System allows conducting this operation as well.

To sum it up, PointPay has already launched the full cryptocurrency ecosystem which works smoothly. PointPay has ongoing token sale which is the best opportunity for everyone who is seeking for a reliable project to invest.

Let’s wish good luck to PointPay!

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