Metamask does not show correct wallet when bridgeing to ledger


So I have recently bought a Ledger Nano S and linked to my electrum hardware wallet no problem.

I’ve tried bridging my Metamask wallet to the ledger Ethereum app (on both chrome and firefox) and my Metamask wallet address will not show up not matter what I try, just hundreds of addresses showing 0.00… ETH.

1) I connected my Ledger

2)Ensured ” Use Ledger Live” is switched on in the settings of the Chrome MM wallet

3)successfully created a bridge between the Ledger ETH app and MetaMask after clicking “connect hardware wallet”

4)Select connect -> Ledger

5)None of the derivation paths (Ledger Live, Mew/My Crypto) display my Meta mask wallet address, I even tried transfering the ETH to another address and still no luck

At a loss as what to do as I want to use cold storage primarily for my BTC and ETH, has anyone had a similar problem? Any help would be appreciated

Followed all the steps on this page here:


What do you think?

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  1. > my Meta mask wallet address

    What do you call “my Meta mask wallet address”?

    If it is an address that you created with MetaMask (without connecting to the ledger), then of course it will never show, because this is an address that is NOT derived from the ledger seed. Only addresses derived from the ledger seed (i..e. protected by the ledger) are displayed when you connect an ETH wallet (like MetaMask, MyEtherWallet or MyCrypto) to your ledger.

    To get the benefit of protection by the ledger, you need to send from your old MetaMask wallet to your new ledger wallet (which you can see by connecting MM to the ledger).


    voted down??? what is incorrect in the info i provided?

  2. I had the same issue so gave up. What I actually think using a Ledger with a MM wallet that is already set up is that it allows you to see and interact with your same ETH balance that shows is Ledger Live.

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