Metamask to Coinbase to US bank – from Canada?

Hi, I am sorry in advance if this question is basic or has been asked before. I have some ETH funds in my Metamask wallet that I got through selling some of my artwork as NFTs. My understanding of crypto is limited.

I used to live in the US and set up a Coinbase account initially to pay some gas fees related to the NFTs. This account is already connected to my American bank. The problem is I recently moved to Canada, and my remaining ETH funds are still in my Metamask wallet. I would like to convert these to cash and send them, for various reasons, to my US bank, not my Canadian one. Is this possible? I tried transferring them to Coinbase using the ‘Receive’ function, but nothing seemed to happen. I have also noticed that even if I got them into Coinbase, I would not be able to sell the ETH so I can convert it to cash in my US bank (when I click ‘Sell’ it says this is not supported in Canada, even though I am not really trying to convert to Canadian dollars, I’m just physically in the country).

I guess I could transfer from Metamask to a Canadian exchange, then to a Canadian bank and finally to my US bank via wire transfer or something, but between exchange rates and fees I don’t want to go this route. Any help will be appreciated.

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