MicroStrategy will consider new opportunities for acquiring bitcoin

MicroStrategy CEO Michael Sailor confirmed on Thursday that his company intends to continue to invest its surplus reserves in bitcoin and will “explore different approaches” to do so.

“We plan to hold our bitcoins and invest additional surplus financial flows in bitcoin. In addition, we will be exploring different approaches for acquiring additional bitcoins as part of our overall corporate strategy, ”he said.

Sailor did not elaborate on what approaches MicroStrategy might consider to acquire bitcoin. Knownthat in the past the firm used the services of the Coinbase exchange to buy cryptocurrency on the OTC market. MicroStrategy currently has 70,784 BTC worth over $ 2 billion, which it used its own funds to purchase, and also raised $ 650 million through the sale of convertible bonds.

During a conference call regarding the company’s financial performance, Sailor notified shareholders that they can count on further Bitcoin purchases from MicroStrategy, which, in turn, will “continue to actively manage” the balance sheets.

“In terms of our bitcoin strategy, our innovative decision to make bitcoin our primary reserve asset has allowed MicroStrategy to become an established expert in the cryptocurrency market and generated tremendous interest in MicroStrategy as a corporation,” he added.

Sailor also said that he is not overly concerned about bitcoin volatility in the short to medium term and intends to “go up” while prices “may continue to rise.”

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