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Apologies in advance for the potentially newbish question… I’m very new to using MetaMask; it feels insecure to me although I’m sure it’s not. When I setup a new MetaMask account, I am asked to setup a password and then to remember/store a series of words (I think this is the mnemonic?). Then, when I validate (only using Prater — I definitely don’t have 32 eth lol) I would connect the launchpad to the metamask instance where the goeth is stored… then pay from there. My question is thus – does the MetaMask wallet I paid from important still (if I’ve no eth left in it)? Do I need to keep the mnemonic safe? Is that wallet what I’ll need in the future to withdraw? I’m just trying to discern which private key/mnemonic must be safeguarded after I’ve locked in the validators funds. Thanks

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  1. There is a mnemonic generated that you use for creating the deposit file and validator keyword. That is the one you need to keep secured as it will be used for withdrawing later. If you lose that, you lose everything. Do not store it online, do not take a photo of it, etc.

    The metamask one is not too important. I would recommend not storing funds on metamask. If you did have funds on it you’d want to protect those seed words.

  2. Please don’t be offended. I have good intentions. But it seems that you are not very comfortable with crypto wallets and you should not do solo staking. As much as I would love for all people to do solo staking, it requires some technical knowledge. I have made mistakes in early days and hate others to do the same. Also yes save the metamask memonich in a secure way.. good luck

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