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Hi all,

First if all, thank you very much for your participation in polls and posts, you helped me a lot.

I have a Monero only webshop – [](

At the moment the shop has coffee, garlic and PC parts for sale (I know, I know, weird).
The coffee is coming from a local roastery, we have normal coffee, weasel coffee and animal friendly weasel coffee.
PC parts are locally sourced in Vietnam. If you couldn’t buy parts because of shortages, this could be the way to get what you want.
Garlic is sourced from a family farm, all profits go to the family to help them with everyday life and maybe improve their life in some way.

I am looking into getting other products on board, I hope this will happen soon, so having coffee with garlic and PC parts wouldn’t look as weird as it may seems to be.

Please check out my webshop: [](
I am open to any questions/comments/recommendations in the comments or in private messages.

Thank you.

What do you think?

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  1. I don’t even know how to properly convey how much respect and appreciation I have for people trying to show the way. After reading your ‘mission’ statement, i believe our ideologies regarding the transformative power of decentralised technology are very similar.

    One of the MOST IMPORTANT things right now, is to show the path to everyone else. Many have not even considered what is possible with decentralised technology and the movement DIRECTLY benefits from every positive action like yours, creating useful, functional decentralised alternatives to the norm, and showing people the path for what is possible.

    Really powerful, immense respect. I have added this to my decentralised resources folders and will look forward to making purchases with you and seeing your great work expand! At least for me, I can see really big potential in what you are doing as you expand to include more areas I think this could become one of the most powerful tools for the public.

    If you are ever interested in stocking clothes, I run a little clothing/ art brand that is working on making our presence more crypto-friendly and would love to find other places with similar values.

  2. I respect the hussle and would love to order but the prices are way too high for garlic and coffee. Fresh garlic is €10 around here and coffee from a specialist (Ethiopian etc) is like €7 for fresh beans. You ask $30 for 1kg garlic is that included shipping?

  3. How do businesses account for currency going down when they run on crypto tokens?

    Like, overnight your total capital could decrease by 50% or something, right? It could go up 50% as well, but could also go down.

    Seems like stable coins will be essential for businesses.

My business is collapsing because of Coinbase