MoonMiner , the one true sustainable BNB reward token by investing transaction tax into mining pools. Mining pool now worth USD92k and keep going up!!! [$2mil+ mcap, you’re SO early] + huge updates!

MoonMiner has revolutionized reward token mechanics!

Some of you have surely seen the last couple of MoonMiner posts! But there’s a constant flow of news coming from these guys!
So, what’s up tonight then? Well, here’s the latest:

🚨 The YouTube promotions has kicked in. One video out, and a lot more profiles to follow!

🚨 They JUST launched a buyers contest where you can win some (in my eyes) pretty bad ass merchandise!

🚨 They announced a new contest launching tomorrow, this one with a cash price!

🚨 Just as ATH was to be broken, someone made the smartest move of a lifetime and put in a 32 BNB buy. MoonMiner C H R U S H E D their ATH!

It’s a first of its kind sustainable project with a long-term potential. You are buying into forever increasing mining pools, which keep producing rewards, even if the price and volume are going down. This means, it’s a pretty much flawless passive income token with a great team from Sweden behind it. Check out the TechRate audit as well. All things just about to kick off, epic chance to get early on what is going to be a true game changer.

Don’t miss the next big marketing push through Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and

✅ Hidden gem with a SUSTAINABLE and BRAND NEW bnb rewards solution – not a fork!

✅ Low market cap – $1.8mil

✅ 12% Transaction tax – 2.4% to LP, 7.2% to the mining station that generates profits for holders and another 2.4% to the payout pools, to boost early rewards a bit

✅ Doxxed Swedish devs

✅ Automatically pays BNB rewards


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  1. Mining pool will just keep going up. That is what separates this from all the bnb rewards system out there. Very soon this will be the gold standard and copy cats would not be able to catch up because by that time the pool would have been very big. Very ingenious tokenomics which only few has really understand.

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