Multiple attempts at country change failed, 3 tickets closed with no resolution


Can you please assist me, since your colleages have not been able (or even trying) to resolve my issue?

My ID and address is in one country, but your system still has me registered in another and I am unable to change it.

Every time I log in, I am redirected to some automated remediate page, where it does not accept my bank statement. My first ticket #06747127 was closed with no response, my second ticket #06793369 was closed as resolved, yet my country did not change, and my third ticket #06973878 might (or might not be) still open.

I am unable to change my country, following the steps listed. I uploaded my ID again, yet the remediate page is still blocking me, and it always shows me a wrong address (the correct one but a different country).

Can you please look into it?

P.S. Initially erroneously sent this to the moderator team, instead of posting to the subreddit.

(Update) The issue seems to be somewhat resolved. After one of your colleagues manually changed the country, the automated system was able to extract a variation of the address, with different parts of it put in an incorrect order. Hopefully this will not affect future validations, however I strongly suggest improving your automation, if you are to minimise human support.

Thank you for your assistance.

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