My review for Yield App, Nexo and Celsius after using them for 5 months

I’ve been using these defi apps for 5 months and have chosen to make an advantages and disadvantages list for newcomers who are unsure which is the best. This will not be a biased evaluation because I own all of the tokens in order to maximize returns on each platform.


It pays up to 12% with BTC, 16% with ETH and 20% with stablecoins. Their native token (costs around $0.34 each). I’ve been using it and have had no problems transferring money in and out.


* Offer the higher APY for Stables at the market
* Offer the higher APY for the native token at the market
* Interest is paid daily
* Possible future gain in it token, low market cap


* App interface is not as user friendly as the others
* Because it is still new, it must establish credibility.
* Fees to withdraw


Nexo offers up to 12% on stable coins and you just need 10% of your savings at they’re native coin.


* Mobile app is user friendly
* You don’t have to own a lot of Nexo token to get the best rates
* Fast withdrawal system
* Interest paid daily


* There has been a lot of controversy regarding their insurance policy and regulations.
* APY is not that high


You can get up to 17% APY with stable coins but to get this interest rate you must have 25% of your savings with their native token CEL.


* Transparency
* Has been around for 3 years
* CEO is engaged in the community and makes constant AMAs
* No fees for withdrawal
* Referral program


* You need to hold 25% of native coins to get the higher rates. If BTC goes up and CEL goes down you will need to get more CEL. There’s no in-app swap, so you need to go to an exchange, buy CEL, pay a fee and deposit.
* Withdrawals can take more time than you are expecting . I usually just get my coins back the next day but they claim it’s for safety reasons.
* Interest is paid on a weekly basis.

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  1. I think Celsius is actually 4 years old. Great company, great service, incredible team and CEO. CEO has done 8 start ups, taken multiple companies public and keeps hundreds of millions of dollars worth of his crypto on Celsius, along side us plebs. He does a 90 minute AMA every Friday and a 2 hour AMA every Tuesday answering questions via twitter spaces from anyone and everyone. He even replies to all emails—I emailed him once and got a reply within an hour! Never received an email from a billionaire before. Celsius is going to be very, very big.

  2. Just one note, OP.

    With regards to BTC and CEL token, if you hold 25% in CEL and BTC price goes up, you still have 25% of the assets in CEL and don’t need to add more. If you add more BTC to your assets, then you will need to top up back to 25% with CEL.

    Also, Celsius is working on in app swaps right now, to go live this month.

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