Need Assistance With Powering Risers

Ok, so I’ve looked into the whole SATA fire hazard thing and obviously want to avoid it but I’m a little confused. Here’s what I’m working with:

– Riser which requires Molex connection

– (1) 3070 FE (with a PCIE 8pin power dongle)

– An EVGA 750 GQ PSU (semi-modular)

The applicable cables I have available are:

– (2) VGA 8 pin/6+2 pin cables

– (1) Molex to 4 pin PERIF cable (6 holes but only 4 pins)

(FYI: I’m using HiveOS)

From what I understand, I’m good to go connecting the 8-pin cable from my PSU to card via the dongle (correct me if this is wrong). The problem is with the riser. Is it safe to use the PERIF cable to power my riser and if not, which cable do I need to buy for my one riser. From what I also understand, Molex handles ~75 W while SATA only does ~50W.

Thank you!

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  1. I’d say get new risers that have 6pin pcie connector for power. From there you’d be able to use once pcie power cable for riser and gpu: one to the riser (6pin) and one to the gpu (6+2pin)

  2. Automated reminder: [It is never recommended to power GPU or risers with SATA connectors]( [Additional info](

    See the recommended [Wiring Diagram]( See examples of [recommended risers](

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