Need help with PHP and EIP-712

Making a fun little Dapp and we are so close but cannot quite cross the finish line. My friend is a professional web dev and we have the site complete. We are getting hing up with the metamask sign in. Metamask pops up and connects but we cannot confirm the message.

All we are trying to do is have a user sign in with metamask. Confirm their address against an existing NFT contract and then allow them to edit a page based on what NFT they have.

Is there a step we are missing? The documentation we are finding is all over the place. Can we just use personal sign? Do we need to write a smart contract to verify?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. If someone wants to reach out and look over the code that would be awesome and we can try and work out some compensation. Like I said we are so close to getting this up and just want to finish it.

Thank you.

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