Need some guidance: Can’t decide whether to be a gamer, a miner or a scalper.

I hope this post is within the rules. I’m looking for advice and don’t have any techy friends I can bounce ideas off or consult. I also currently have the worst analysis paralysis going at the moment, not just with this topic, but you guys aren’t my therapist so I’ll try and stick to just GPUs and mining.

So a bit of background: I started flipping consoles when the new ones were released last year. At first I figured I’d do it enough to cover the cost of my own PS5 and maybe a graphics card or a new PC build if I really cashed in, yet here I am still buying them. I managed to get my hands on a NewEgg (pre-shuffle) EVGA 3080, then a second 3080, a FE from BB. Now I just buy whenever I can from wherever I can – I still have those two cards, a Kingpin 3090, an Asus 3060 (bought mid June, not sure whether it’s LHR as still unopened), an EVGA 3060 from the start of August, a 3080 Ti from last week and just today another EVGA 3060 Ti.

Now, I’m not a hardcore gamer, but it is my only hobby currently. I have the Series X and a PS5 that I haven’t unboxed yet (might sell if I get the chance, but doubt it will come to that). I also have all the components for my new build: an 10850 CPU, an ASUS Z490 mobo, 4 sticks of RAM, an 850W PSU, a couple 1Tb SSDs (1 NVME, 1… uh.. regular SSD) and a nice new Corsair case. I never saw myself spending more on a GPU than I would a console, but I talked myself in to keeping a 3080. I’m upgrading from a 1070 and (I think) an i5 7600. I’ve been running betterhash on it since December and dread to think how much money I’ve let slip through my fingers by not acting sooner. To be fair though, I only found this community a week or so ago when the app decided to recommend some posts from it all of a sudden.

Now the thing that has been stopping me from sticking the final component in to my new build is I’m curious about mining. And a little bit confused, and probably spoilt for choice too. I don’t know whether I should stick with the EVGA 3080 and sell everything else, whether I should stick both 3080s in my new build, whether I should sell them both and treat myself to the 3090… or stick one of the most profitable cards in my other half’s PC and have a second rig going. I know I’m in a very lucky situation to have all this gear but I’m just a bit overwhelmed about not making the right choice on how to proceed.

What friendly advice do you all have?

What do you think?

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  1. Id put the two 80s in the SOs pc, slot the older model 60 and the 90 in yours. Sell the new 60 and ti. Game to the max and run em 24/7 until you can’t mine eth anymore when 2.0 hits. Hold what you get until next bull run 2024 ish =Profit. That’s just me tho. To each their own.

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