Need to Vent – Buying and Selling Used. I’m done.

I just needed to vent. I’m sick of dealing with buyers and seller individuals in this space. No more. I mean, I’m just trying to build up a collection of GPUs at 2X MSRP and here’s what I’ve sick of:

1) Facebook Marketplace Buy It scams – Don’t bother using the Buy It button on FB Marketplace as they are ALL scams. I found some good deals, saw FB Marketplace’s promise to protect me and then was proceeded to be scammed on EVERY SINGLE ONE. How it works is simple. I pay and they very quickly send me a Tracking #. Only, it’s not going to my house, it’s a tracking # they’ve bought online that’s going somewhere else in my Zip Code. Not only does FB Marketplace not care about preventing these types of things, but when I filed claims they DENIED THEM saying basically “oh, they’ve been delivered, not our problem” even when I proved it wasn’t going to me. Thankfully I used Paypal and they actually care (long process though).

2) Facebook Marketplace Cancelled Order – You buy something on eBay, you expect it to be shipped to you and 99.9% of the time it will, but on FB it’s just a suggestion. You make plans (and don’t purchase elsewhere) based on it being shipped to you, but no, the seller just cancels it. That’s happened 4 times to me – probably more than has actually been shipped.

3) Facebook Marketplace Idiots and A-holes –

a) I purchased a very expensive 3080 from a guy and I’m not even sure what happened, but it wound up taking a couple of weeks and then finally was scanned by the post office only to be delivered across the country. I printed and gave him the label myself. I didn’t insure it, so I’m out of luck as it’s technically the USPS’s fault, but I’m 100% sure the seller did something completely stupid. He probably just put a label on the 3080’s box, stuck it in a mailbox in an apartment complex somewhere and it probably got stolen. The USPS scan was probably manually typed in incorrectly. Bye bye $$$.

b) I have TWO people that I’ve PAID cards for that haven’t shipped after over 2 WEEKS. They both claim to be working “16 hour days” now. You have enough time to respond to me but not to put it into a free USPS box with free pickup? One of them has said that I need to wait until “payday” so he can refund the money to me. You already spent that money before shipping it to me? Oh, FFS.

4) eBay Selling – I’m done selling stuff on eBay. I don’t get how people put up with the buyers. I haven’t sold more than a handful of items and there’s always SOME issue:

a) “Cancel my Order” – I’ve had a number of people cancel orders. They Buy it Now and then I guess they realize they don’t want it. A classic one is a person that claimed that eBay itself (no reserve for a week) bid it “higher than they wanted”. Yeah, sure, buddy: eBay does it all the time LOL. Don’t Bid or Buy it Now without reading it. I indicate very clearly what exactly is in the auction.

b) As-is, Absolutely-no-Returns, Parts-only = “I want my money back, because I can’t get it working”. There was a 2080 Ti that I listed clearly saying in Bold numerous places that it was broken and no returns and parts only and, of course, I get a “well, I knew it was a gamble, but if I had known [yada, yada, yada]…”. Yes, it was a GAMBLE and that’s why it sold at HALF the price of a working one. If you had gotten it working then you could’ve resold it for a profit. That’s why it was a gamble. Sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn’t. It was a gamble when I bought it and I lost – I didn’t demand a refund to them when I was unable to fix it. Sell it to someone else that actually CAN fix it.

[Finally, this is what pushed me over the edge]

c) Straight from Dell, never powered on (GPU removed) = “It has a broken Motherboard”

I mean, I bought it from Dell, removed the card and packed it back up. I’m sure it was working when Dell shipped it and I’m sure I didn’t break anything just removing a card. So now, I’m out a guaranteed $40 (return shipping) + whatever fees + whatever time it takes to relist it. That’s a BEST case scenario where the person is just an idiot and didn’t know what “no graphics card” and “no gpu” means. More than likely, though, I’m going to get back something far less than I sent. I’m sure they probably f’ed up the motherboard and now I’m going to have to fight with Dell to get it fixed and may have to PAY for a new motherboard because I sent the customer a “defective item”. I’m sure they probably won’t even use the original shipping material and the nice Dell Alienware R12 will arrive back in unsellable condition.

I’m done. I’m just done. I don’t know how people put up with this crap. I’ve only been doing this for 6 weeks and couldn’t imagine dealing with 10x the number of items and for doing it fulltime. It’s worn me out.

Feel free to post your experiences.

What do you think?

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  1. I’ve purchased over 50 used GPUs in the past 4 years. Not one problem.

    Here’s how: I only pick them up in person and I ask to see them run before they’re removed from the system. Don’t order used on the internet. It’s not worth the risk that’s guaranteed to come with it.

  2. Seems like you keep chasing the dragon of finding a deal and trying to get more for what money you are willing to spend. After ALL of this, it would have been much easier to just pay market price, deal with 10 minutes of paper work, and get your item. You get what you pay for, nothing is free, these statements exist for a reason. I’m sorry you had a bad time, but I think the lesson learned here is if it’s too good to be true, it is. Everyone else is paying top $$$, what makes you special that you don’t? Answer: nothing, you are learning that now. Just pay market price and stop dreaming of an amazing deal that doesn’t exist. Wait 6 months graphics cards will be $150.

  3. It just sounds like you picked the worst options that people stay clear of lol.

    Who buys something off of Facebook or any service where it isn’t a company sending you the product expecting things to go smooth. Just like your broken card gamble, paying a random person to ship something they’re selling is almost the most peanut brain thing you can do nowadays, even the idiot gamers know not the buy shipped from facebook/craigslist/offerup lol.

    Hard lesson learned, but who expects the public to handle things professionally, honestly, and in a timely manner?

  4. I’ve bought close to 10 gpus via FB marketplace in the UK now. All of them have been posted to me.

    I always pay by PayPal goods and services and I always do due diligence on their profile (i.e. the age of the profile, check name of profile matches PayPal account, profile pictures, location, etc. and I check when the account last posted and all sorts).

    I will most of the time also ask the seller to send me a picture of the gpu with a hand written note next to it with my name and today’s date on it – just proves they have the item in hand.

    Then finally I always double check in chat, which is recorded, that it’s as they advertised it. Had 1 card that wasn’t working optimally – I contacted the seller, no issues, raised a refund through PayPal shipped it off and got my money back. You’ve just got to be very cautious. BUT I do agree that the number of fake profiles and scams is a bloody joke – number 1 rule if it seems to good to be true it probably is!

  5. I’ve never bought a gpu on FB but I did sell a couple earlier this year. Always sold via PayPal G&S. I don’t get my money until the customer gets their merchandise.

    I honestly don’t sell or buy unless I talk to and get a good feeling from the person I’m dealing with. If you start to sound sketch, I nope out and move on the next in line.

  6. There’s always red flags, even on ebay, be it in the listing, description, the price or their rating. You’re also buying on markets and in ways that ensure sellers have no accountability, and no incentive to follow through. Don’t take this the wrong way, but it’s you, many of us have bought and sold for years without issue.

  7. With FB, buying/selling, your best bet is local meetup! Like someone else, sometimes chatting with the buyer/seller can give you an overall idea if they are trying to screw you over or not. It doesn’t work all the time tho.

    I was selling my 1080 to a guy that I was talking to for around 2 weeks. I ended up selling him the gpu and we became friends, lol.

  8. I had a jerk of a buyer buy my old 1070 Strix. After having it for a while, the guy requests a return with the reason of not as described and the details just saying “hi”. I responded back rather quickly and asked why he was looking to return the card. No response. I thought he was trying to scam me. Eventually, my time was running out for issuing a return label, so I reported him to EBay. He then responded and said the card was artifacting. I never saw this in the nearly 5 years I owned it, and am pretty sure he just had buyer’s remorse for the amount he paid. But whatever… I sent a return label to him and had to pay for it. He shipped it back and it initially arrived when I wasn’t home. He complained to EBay that I’m not responding and he wants his money back and I didn’t even get the card back yet. EBay takes the money from my PayPal account, again, before I received the card back or even checking with me. The guy leaves me negative feedback with totally wrong timelines and facts about what happened. And the kicker is once I got it back, it works perfectly. I even replaced all the thermal pads just in case, ran it for hours in games with zero issues and sold it again. The current owner is perfectly happy with no problems, but I lost a bunch of money on shipping and got negative feedback from a liar and EBay doesn’t care about the facts. That’s the first feedback I’ve ever received on EBay that wasn’t positive since using EBay beginning in the late 90’s. The guy had other recent negative feedback as a seller too. Needless to say, he’s blocked. Also, apparently if you put returns not accepted, you’re more likely to be screwed by EBay forcing a return. Unrelated, I also had a buyer just not pay. That was simple to resolve and move forward, and I know to require payment upon doing buy it now to prevent this. I’m just a simple honest PC enthusiast who is selling parts I’ve upgraded. There are such dishonest jerks out there, and it saddens me.

  9. I never buy off eBay. Prices are too damn high. I can get better prices locality and have a meetup before paying the price they wanted.

    Even on some online platform, scammers will be there. When they offer low prices compare to the market rate, be very wary since it is too good to be true.

  10. I’ve bought several cards from FB also….only do meetups in public places and be prepared to test device…and have actually gotten some great deals…mostly rx 480/580/590’s and 1660 supers….all in the $200 range some a little less some a little more…at most $250…..all cards are mining away. Some needed thermal compound or fan replacement (on one card I got for $125)

  11. FB market place is a scammers haven sorry buy buying highly sort after parts on FB market place and hoping they get delivered is just a sure fire way to lose money.
    Only use market place if you can pick up and pay in person otherwise just no never. I have a good laugh at the amount of people that still fall for the same scams daily I can’t comprehend how they don’t realise it’s a scam.
    Use auction sites for a reason they have protections in place.

  12. Just a heads up but if someone returns an item via eBay then eBay refund the ram by default, the seller than has to dispute the condition of the refunded item. I have someone return an AMD cpu that they literally tried to install with a mallet… eBay refunded them but after disputing it they refunded me back as the cpu was absolutely destroyed (same is etc but photos they sent me clearly showed they had been ruined vs the photos of the item listed). So long story short, if an item is returned in worse condition you have to dispute it once it’s been received!

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