New here/to crypto? Few helpful tips I wish I had been reminded of.

This subreddit is an interesting place, even with all the reposts it’s still a great forum. Regardless, it never hurts to hear some helpful advice:

* DYOR for your investments
* Check your emotions at the door when looking at your portfolio
* Triple check yourself any time you feel like you should be hitting the buy or sell button.
* Don’t believe anything you see here without looking into it yourself.
* Learn from your mistakes *and* your successes.
* Familiarize yourself with words like, “bag holder”, “bull traps”, “DCA”, etc
* Learn why Robinhood and Barry Silbert are big time enemies of this subreddit
* Do Only Good Everyday!

What do you think?

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  1. Invest what you can afford to lose. Dont expect price to jump just cuz u want it to. Trust no1 research but your own. Ignore negative people. Grow your army an hold on this this 🎢

  2. And don’t ever trust an event or someones promise if it sounds too good to be true!

    Don’t send Dogecoins anywhere expecting to receive double the amount! Don’t trust apps that promise Dogecoins when you give them your private key. (Actually don’t EVER give some stranger your private key. You will lose your wallet)

    If you’re not sure about some deal, feel free to ask.

    Also check if you made a backup of your wallet and that it’s safe. Better have your coins on a wallet rather than an exchange for more safety.

    Read about the difference between hot and cold wallet and make sure your investment is safe and sound. Keep your backup/private key/recovery phrase somewhere safe (better have two places in case one gets destroyed/lost).

    Be safe, ask questions, take care of your mental wellbeing. <3

    Did I mention safety? 🤔

  3. Better to have time in the market…. Tgan trying to time the market…. Long term hodlers win.

    Buy when others are fearful….. If you must sell, do so when others are greedy…. Or buy when there is blood in the streets…

    Only spend what you are willing to lose… Do not spend rent or food money to gamble with.

    Here in this community we support each other, we value do only good everyday….. Do not spread fear, uncertainty, and doubt (or despair)….

    As a group of hodlers, through time…. We can make this coin a currency….

    Have a spending wallet n a hardware wallet…

    Much wow….. Much love.

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