Nvidia backing off the “light hash rate” just a bit

Latest news items indicate they are now leaving the hash rate untouched on founders edition, the AIB’s *will* be labeling the LHR cards and also Nvidia is leaving it up to each AIB to decide whether to implement it (not sure of this last bit) and if so how much of inventory to devote to it etc.

My take: My guess is that AIB’s are selling every last pro-miner gpu they have.

This leaves a decision with GeForce cards. Should an AIB make an LHR a big part or inventory or not? Econ 101 says no.

AIB’s have been raising MSRP over time – assuming Nvidia isn’t charging them more money (or discounting the LHR chip cost to the AIB) – then an AIB labeling a card “LHR” does only one thing. Lowers its value by shifting the demand curve to the left (smaller market – fewer miners – who can’t get their mitts on sold out pro miner cards anyway). Lower value equals less margin – a LHR card can’t sustain the same increased MSRP.

My guess is we will see very few LHR cards – more lip service than anything.

What do you think?

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  1. Nvidia has a track record of saying whatever makes their investors happy and promotes a positive image.

    That said, I hope LHR is a low volume product. It’s going to hurt the few who try to resell as well. It’s like buying a Dodge Demon, but you can only use all the power on the track because Dodge cares about asphalt.

  2. AIB manufacturers receive the semiconductor chips from nvidia (or their fabs). The LHR is chip-specific. If the LHR chips are what is/will be delivered to AIB manufacturers – that’s what will be sold. AIB probably don’t have ability to demand non-LHR chips at this point.

    We’re going to get the chips nvidia wants to put out. Any AIB manufacturer who doesn’t want the chips available, nvidia will happily send them to another AIB manufacturer who does.

    *edited for typo.

  3. **AIB.** Add-In-Boards, for those who hate acronyms.

    I was sort of expecting Nvidia to go the other way and try taking a bite out of Bitmain’s pocket. I suppose it was not meant to be.

  4. The timing is really funny. Hey these cards are now nerfed for the algorithm that is about to go away anyway. Seems like they will be perfect for those that plan to continue mining altcoins when Eth goes POS.

  5. LHR is coming. Founders is going.

    Nvidia said it themselves, founders is a limited production run. Nvidia is probably keeping all remaining non-LHR silicon production for themselves to sell at their impossible MSRP and giving AIBs the new LHR orders.

  6. LHR cards are handicapped products, any manuefactorer who wants to make profits will make as little of them as possible because regular cards are worth much more

  7. This never really made any sense since it would be business malpractice if the Nvidia Executives intentionally made a product that could be sold to less peolpe making it harder to make any actual profit. I’m not sure what business school if any ever taught that course. I always thought it was more markleting that anything.

  8. It will take a long time for the LHR cards to make enough impact to drive prices. According to Nvidia all the 3070ti’s and 3080ti’s will be LHR, and those are still going to be gone in seconds just like every single release this year.

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