Nvidia Limits Hash Rate on New GPUs

New Nvidia cards launching in June will have Low Hash Rate (LHR) branding, limiting hash rates to HALF what they are capable of. There are software, hardware, and driver locks built in to prevent mining. It seems like Nvidia is fed up and pulled the plug.

I think this is bad for the decentralization of the Ethereum network. If I buy an Nvidia GPU to play games and I also happen to be a supporter of Ether, I’d be in a great position to mine. We can say the same about CPUs and XMR.

It’s scary to think one company could have some very real powers over such a decentralized network. What happens if another chip shortage hits years in the future that causes CPU price gouging and AMD decides to do the same thing?

Why can’t miners and gamers just get along.

What do you think?

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  1. There are hundreds times more CPUs sold already than needed for mining. Even if Monero prices goes to $50k, there will be enough CPUs in the world so there will be no shortage and no need to nerf mining. I’m not sure how they would even do that without hurting performance in other applications. CPU doesn’t need a driver to run.

  2. ETH is switching to POS anyway so I guess this wont affect ETH network.

    In my opinion this will also lead to current GPU’s (without lock) gaining value.

    I like it.

    EDIT: In case of Monero’s RandomX such a hashrate limiter is basically impossible because of the randomized nature of the algorithm.

  3. I find it strange that many people seem to applaud this move. A weird thought in the Monero sub IMO, where we think and talk about freedom, privacy, minding our own business, doing with our property what we want. Censorship resistance and all.

    Preventing mining on a GPU is the factory dictating what you can and can’t do with YOUR hardware. “You want to do some specific calculations on the GPU [a damn calculator!] which is your property, which you bought with your own money..? NOPE. You may only do other calculations. Oh wait also not that one. Only approved software may run on this device.” Bitch please. I’ll decide.

    I don’t get why people don’t see this. I like my freedom of speech, but also my freedom of calculations.

  4. Its only limiting when it detects the ethash algorithm. Any other algorithm wont be limited especially the ones not working with Dag.

    They also cant logistically limit mining in general as some algorithms have the same markup as game engines and only one too strict loop mis identifying the unreal engine as a mining software and throttling it unnecessary will unleash a wave of complaints and returns nvidia could never recover from since the competition just waits for them to fuck up

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