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The Ontology Team

Recently, Ontology announced its partnership with Hexlant, a blockchain technology laboratory in South Korea, in cryptocurrency technology.

The partnership will help expand the Ontology ecosystem. The proposed roadmap includes the Ontology node supporting, wallet app, dApp accelerator program, and developer community building.

According to the announcement, Hexlant will support Ontology token (ONT) and Ontology gas (ONG) storage and remittance through its node API solution. In addition, SK Planet Syrup Wallet, an affiliate platform, will allow users to deposit, withdraw and stake ONT and ONG as well.

Jin-ho Lee, CRO of Hexlant, said: “we will continue to develop Ontology-based projects and create documentation and framework for developers to build the Ontology community.

Ontology has already signed an agreement with MovieBloc, an accelerated project by Hexlant, to establish a firm foothold in the Korean market. “As Korea is one of the most notable countries in the blockchain industry, there are many areas in which we can cooperate. We expect to improve our platform’s scalability in Korea with Hexlant’s technological support,” said Keyness CHENG, Senior Business Development Manager at Ontology.

About Hexlant

Established in 2018 by former Samsung engineers, Hexlant is a blockchain laboratory that provides 11 main-net node solutions. With these solutions, it is conducting custody and smart contract businesses and providing a cryptocurrency wallet and a platform Tokenbank which offers cryptocurrency public information.

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