Over $ 900 billion in trading volumes and other records on the crypto market in January

Along with the rise of bitcoin to new all-time highs of about $ 42,000 in January, several other achievements were recorded in the cryptocurrency market. Thus, the trading volumes on exchanges exceeded $ 900 billion, which became a new record, The Block draws attention .

Of the total value of $ 906 billion, almost 60% or $ 518 billion came from the Binance cryptocurrency exchange. Coinbase and Kraken follow with $ 118 billion and $ 56 billion, respectively.

Compared to December, the January value increased by 140%. All in all, in 2020, trading volumes on all trusted exchanges amounted to $ 1.82 trillion.

The decentralized exchange Uniswap also set its own record in January. Its trading volumes reached $ 30 billion, surpassing the previous maximum recorded in September 2020 at $ 18.5 billion. The increase compared to December was twofold. In general, across the ecosystem of decentralized exchanges, trading volumes for the month amounted to over $ 60 billion. In addition to Uniswap, SushiSwap and Curve stand out, which processed transactions worth $ 13.48 billion and $ 5.92 billion, respectively.

Bitcoin miners earned over $ 1.09 billion in January, the largest value since December 2017, when it was $ 1.25 billion.Of the last month, $ 977 million came in block rewards.

The growth in the difficulty of bitcoin mining was not as rapid as the growth in the rate. As a result, daily profitability per unit of computing power TH / s reached $ 0.25 in January, returning to mid-2019 levels.

At the same time, Ethereum miners earned $ 800 million, which exceeds the previous historical maximum of three years ago. Over $ 311 million, or about 40% of this amount, was paid by users for processing transactions.

The profitability of Ethereum mining from a unit of MH / s capacity has returned to the levels of the beginning of 2018. According to F2Pool, the most advanced hardware in the Ethereum mining space, such as a farm of eight RTX 3080 graphics cards or the INNOSILICON A10 Pro + ASIC miner, now brings its owners around $ 63 per day. As with bitcoin, there is currently a shortage of equipment on the market for mining the corresponding cryptocurrency.

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