Hello, wanted to drop a line about my project.

with we have open-sourced widgets for in-app purchases and logins using cryptos and dollars. The most important crypto aspect is the web3.js integration. It’s used for all ledger-based authZ for ethers, but it’s also used for authN when the user operates in dollars: the ledger in this case (overhide ledger) is just a receipts ledger instead of a value transfer ledger.

In any case, this stack gives devs the option to offer logins and upsells across the spectrum of control and accessibility — from social login (most accessible least control) through to in-browser wallets (most control, maybe not everyone has them).

Bitcoin is also supported, but that integration is not as pleasant as web3.js.

The only thorn, is the size of web3.js :(.

Straight to the demos:

What do you think?

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