Owl integrates PolyDoge – Use $POLYDOGE in the first full-featured Crypto Casino, with live dealers, and hot games such as video poker and blackjack and more – all under one roof.

Just announced, []( and the PolyDoge integration is a giant step ahead in one of the hottest segments in the crypto entertainment industry. Owl brings their own brand of unique casino experience, with live dealers, a plethora of games – fully functioning already out of the box, no vaporware here – to multiple chains, including the bullish Polygon L2 chain, roaring for another leg up following the announcement of the further integration of rollups with zkEVM through the acquisition and merger with Hermez.

With Owl prioritizing the most popular and highest utility use tokens on Polygon at launch, it is no wonder that MATIC, USDC and USDT were chosen alongside the unofficial “mascot of MATIC”, Polydoge for use in their game – and with the opportunity to rake home more of an extremely attractive low mcap 1000X potentiality like Polydoge, playing responsibly to earn was never a more exciting deal. 20% of Owl Polydoge is also sent to a 0xdead address, raising the value of the token by Active Burn.

PolyDoge is the premier community utility token on Polygon, now with 25k+ holders and a solid social media outreach base, including the famous Bart Baker on as advisor, sitting besides sports stars and charity industry experts, with a solid 10k+ Twitter followers and a more than vibrant TG community.

To learn more about PolyDoge and access socials, announcement channels and chats, read more about the core team, the strategic vision – please visit [](

(and also to check out the hippest blockchain branded gear on the PolyDoge store, including comfy blankets to wrap yourself in case of Wyckoff fire – [](

As many observers have remarked, after the Sudden Bear Syndrome earlier this year, a lot of pure meme tokens simply packed in and gave up. This is the true test of fundamentals, to see how a team and a community fares during darker days. The OWL partnership is just one of the many things slowly being unveiled as the upwardly mobile PolyDoge team continues it’s relentless push to deliver value for holders and to provide integration and support for the thriving general Polygon eco-system.

Rest assured that the events and gaming divisions (with dogequake – the first blockchain integrated FPS released on polygon) has got way more in store for those discerning investors wishing for more than just yield farming bonanzas and high APY LP rewards over the coming next months. And remember – 1 PolyDoge is always 1 PolyDoge, and more!

PolyDoge is listed on the [#3 largest CEX for the Chinese market]( – MEXC – with direct, cheap onramping on PolyGon, and is of course whitelisted on QuickSwap, 1inchexchange and Sushiswap.

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