Palantir 1Q21 Outlook TLDR

1. Increased Salesforce – they reported 50 new sales people in Q1 with $5.4B of contracted award value. Palantir was had not invested heavily in sales until now. That has allowed them to focus on making a quality product. Now that their product is tits, they are looking to expand and the Sales team is the best way to do that (think servicenow).
3. Commercial growth: as of 1Q21 commercial growth increased 19% from the prior year and 4% from the last quarter. Commercial growth is going to be the moneymaker for Palantir.
4. SPAC investment: palantir has been using its substantial cash investing to strategically invest in SPACs, at least 6 that I am aware of. The goal being that those companies could make use of it’s software to the benefit of Palantir and the SPAC.
5. $151M in cash flow which is an increase of $441 from the prior Q ($290M).
6. Revenues remain strong Q1 $341.2M $48.8% growth $800M annualized run rate.
7. The growth of adoption within the government remains strong, and that pipeline is continuing to grow. Congress recently approved a new appropriation pilot for procurement of IT which can be used for RDTE, Procurement and Operating and Maintenance. This provides opportunity to decrease the duration of the government Procurement cycle and will absolutely result in additional RFQ/Procurement contracts (I believe it will take a year to see the RFQ’s hit the streets). This will benefit palantir with their new, bigger and hungry sales team.

I’m long palantir, this is not investment advice and I don’t recommend anyone listen to anything I say.


edit: I forgot the most important stock driving metric, number of rocket ships in the DDπŸš€πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€

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