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I notice on pancakeswap you can use usdt. Is it possible to buy Safemoon with usdt? Or is it only BNB.
I ask because I am in Ontario Canada. I use MetaMask but can no longer get bnb from binance. My credit cards do not work on trust wallet either, banks blocked crypto. I have an exchange in Canada that I can buy btc, ltc, eth, usdt, com,ada, eos, xrp and Bch.

I am trying to figure out if any of these will help me get more sfm if I send them to my MetaMask wallet.

I know I can send to bitmart, exchange for bnb, then send that to MetaMask, but is there a way to cut our bitmart here. For the purpose of this conversation let’s assume the only way to get my money into the market is the coins listed above.


What do you think?

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  2. I’ve noticed that too, but never tried. I think the fees might be out of control because you’ll have to pay gas for USDT and Binance. PCS would have to use your USDT to purchase more Binance and then use the Binance to buy safemoon (because only BNB can go into the liquidity pool, not usdt)

  3. I was trying to buy it. It was a bitch. I m waiting for 24 hrs so i can do more etf deposit and buy eth for gas and swap usdt to bns. Fees r expensive by all these transfer n swapping

  4. I am now trying the following
    Buy ltc on local exchange
    Send ltc to bitmart
    Trade ltc for usdt on BitMart
    Trade usdt for bnb on BitMart
    Send bnb from bitmart to MetaMask

    Waiting for the send to happen now. Then will buy sfm on PCs with bnb. What a hassle. Overall fees weren’t “too” bad.

  5. Yes the hassle is on going. Can you imagines Gambian trying to buy SM right now. Lol. It seem like the whole crypto sphere is against this project. Not much cooperation from anyone. There must be a reason for this. I wonder? Did Safemoon mark load up on more tokens now that he is in on know? It would be great if we the people actually knew the truth and reality of what’s going on and what’s to come. I feel like something is on the horizon by what’s coming out of john’s and mark’s social media posts. It m not going to speculate, something is going to happen.

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