PARADOX comic books NFT, lottery and stable coin reflections | Whitelist launch is live | Anti-dumping launch taxes

**A few words about this great project**

PARADOX an action-packed comic book series, animation and video game sensation. The token was created in response to an increasing demand for digital entertainment along the lines of comic, video game, and TV entertainment. Paradox sole goal was to create a token that would target several markets and create a unique buzz within the crypto world.

Lear more about the two characters Dr. Z and Gudboi who are the center and soul of the project in this fresh new take on BSC projects that I purely love. Learn more from the official website and whitepaper.

Whitelist soon check our TG for details.

**Three-fold utility token**

– **Stable coin reflections 3%**

– **Lottery 3%**

– **Unique NFT comic book, with the addition of animation and video games**

Worth to mention a special series of animations created and presented first to the holders in the Telegram group. As well as an RPG game according to the whitepaper so big plans!


– Total supply 13.8 billion (The age of the universe)

– Transaction Fee 13%

– Liquidity Pool 3%

– Lottery 3% (In Stable Coin), 3% of every trade gets added to the lottery-wallet. Once every 7 days the lottery-wallet is emptied to one who accomplished the tasks. You can find the shilling tasks on the website.

– Marketing 4% (In BNB)

– Redistribution to Holders 3% (In Stable Coin)

**Presale details will be on the website soon**

50 BNB Whitelist (Must Complete Tasks on Sweepwidget for a Spot)


• 300 BNB Dxsale

**Official links**

Website: [](

Telegram: [](

Twitter: [](

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