PC crash while mining

So I have a mining/gaming rig that runs 24/7. It shutdown or crashed due to an update no big deal.

The issue is I didn’t see until about 3 hours later so it definitely wasn’t mid update. When I did notice I hit the power button and nothing happened. Gave it a once over didn’t see anything obvious. Tried the power button again nothing.

Then I unplugged the power supply for a few seconds plugged it back in and now it works.

Once I got it back up that’s where I checked the event log and saw it shut down for sure because of an update.

I build my own PCs but am far from an expert. What could cause this?

Also after it was back up I ran some benchmarks and it seems to be running fine. Back mining and 5he hashrate us solid as ever.

The specs are:

CPU 10900k
16 GB corsair vengeance
RTX 3090
Seasonic 850w platinum PSU

While mining I have a fan that sits on top of the card so peak memory junction sits around 88c well below the trouble zone if I’m not mistaken.

What do you think?

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  1. I could be, and am likely wrong… but I’ve got a theory about static build up causing stupidity, that often becomes noticeable during those… off and on again reboots (I can’t think of the term right now it’s waaaay past 5), which is why when you unplug them and give it a minute, or try to power on (still unplugged) and get that classic power drain noise (like the last bit of life just left the computer) they usually work. Almost like the capacitors in the power supply weren’t happy or something, but idk. We need an actual smart person here, not me on this one lol

  2. Note that switching off power supply for a few seconds is not enough. I need to wait about 10 seconds until lights on my motherboard go off. So you can imagine you need more time.

    You said you hit power button. This is controlled by software and hitting power button often does not work. Many things can go wrong after program crash. I can imagine this was a crash during update.

    So wrong place in memory is overwritten and things do not function. Theres no miracles and need for much imagination lol

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