Personal review of LedgerX Ethereum options

I’ve waited quite a while for LedgerX to add Ethereum options along with their Bitcoin options, Bitcoin futures, and Bitcoin trading platform. Finally they arrived a few days ago. I like LedgerX’s professionalism, their backing, and the insured outfit they run out of New York.

Unfortunately I can’t recommend this platform for Ethereum options just yet, but probably will late this month. The volume is too low, which makes the bid/ask spread quite wide, and the nearest expiration date they have listed for Ethereum options is August 27th.

When they get the weeklies going, and attract more users, I’ll be happy to recommend the platform. So far I’ve sold a bunch of [covered] calls for December, strike price $7000, which paid me a premium of $140 per ETH.

Anybody here use or recommend any ETH options platforms?

What do you think?

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