PhoenixDAO (PHNX) CryptoDaily Partnership (20 Feb 2021)

PhoenixDAO and CryptoDaily sign a media partnership, to support the continued marketing campaign of PhoenixDAO.

PhoenixDAO and CryptoDaily Sign a Media Partnership

PhoenixDAO, a decentralized open-source project has partnered with CryptoDaily, one of the world’s leading crypto and blockchain news sites and media networks to cover interesting news, stories and updates for PhoenixDAO.

PhoenixDAO is a digital identity-based suite of protocols designed to enable decentralized finance via payments, storage, and authentication. Its native token, PHNX, is at the heart of the PhoenixDAO’s ecosystem, which enables token holders to have a say in the platform’s development, budget expenditure, etc. Partnering with CryptoDaily will help PhoenixDAO grow its community and brand awareness through the vast network of one of the leading crypto media outlets.

Sharing the views on the partnership, a community-member of Phoenix DAO said, “The role of independent media is important to flourish in the crypto space. We are extremely happy that an increasingly popular and well-trusted news site has agreed to make Phoenix DAO its media patron to cover important updates and news stories.”

CryptoDaily has a growing subscriber base of more than 2 million. Getting selected by Crypto Daily as its media patron will open up the next chapter for PhoenixDAO, which will help the organization expand its reputation and industry engagement. As part of the partnership, Crypto Daily will publish news articles, thought leader pieces, and breaking news stories for PhoenixDAO.

About Phoenix DAO

PhoenixDAO is a decentralized digital identity-driven ecosystem that enables both the enterprises and institutions to build solutions leveraging PhoenixDAO technology and products. It is a community led project consisting of two main parts, the DAO platform and dApps.At the forefront, the custom built DAO powers the dApp store, which will enable the community to take part in the governance of the project.

About CryptoDaily

CryptoDaily is one of the few media networks and news sites that cover a variety of news stories and provides technical commentary relating to digital assets, blockchain, mining, and token economic industry. Its native token, CRDT, is a cryptographic token of CryptoDaily that is soon expected to reward the content creators of the platform.

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