[PlanetB Crypto, The FULL STORY] 2 Years Ago… I Was Depressed, Stuck In An 9-5 Office Job. I Quit, Packed My Bags And Moved To Indonesia…


If you’re looking for the next “CumDodgeLodge, RocketGoatCat, BabyShibuInuLion, ElonFrog, SafeRugPull or other pointless meme coin built by Chad, Brad and the Fiverr developer he paid 100$ to build the contract then **I’m sorry to disappoint you.**

If you’re looking for a real project with tremendous opportunity and a chance to leave a lasting impact, then **read on my friend…**


**Today is the day** you learn about [PlanetB](, Ocean Cleanup Group and how you can invest in a token with a low Marketcap that will literally “Rocket” shortly **after you read this:**


Now, back to the headline… 2 years ago I left London and my cushy job in Finance to pursue **my real passion: Cleaning our Oceans**

For two years I lived off all my savings, spending all my time and money trying to build a search engine which I believed could make a massive difference.

A lot of time and money later, [OCG.ORG]( is born.

**Two months ago, we made a massive hard choice. We decided to pivot 100% to crypto.**

**PlanetB was born, a token that will directly help clean our oceans from plastic waste. For every two web searches on OCG, we will be rewarding PlanetB tokens.**

I won’t bore you with the typical copy and paste emoji crypto template, all the tokenomic details etc [are here](

**Here’s what you actually need to know:**

* PlanetB has already removed over 550,000 pounds of plastic from our rivers and oceans.
* PlanetB is operated by Ocean Cleanup Group
* PlanetB operates out of several countries, with their own warehouse, transport and recycling facilities.
* Ocean Cleanup Group will start rewarding PlanetB tokens to all their 50,000 search engine users.

**Here’s what you need to do:**

[Join our telegram](, seriously. Just drop by and ask one our team members about the project. You’ll meet like-minded crypto enthusiasts who are looking to make a difference.

And YES, if making money is all you care about… Now is certainly a good time to get involved with PlanetB. [Our market cap is only sitting at 70k.](

Thanks for reading,


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  1. The sad truth that we have to understand, is that the government will never take any risk of losing the control of us. Thats why they are going to make theire own digital currency (CBDC). We need people to have the control.. If we all started using bitcoin as the main currency, I think that would be the key to world war 3. I am still holding my bitcoin tho.

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