Polkadot surpassed $ 30, coming close to the top 3 of the crypto market


Polkadot (DOT) rate has grown by 14% over the past day and reached new all-time highs above $ 30. At the same time, the capitalization of DOT exceeded $ 29 billion, which allowed it to again recapture the fourth line in the list of the largest cryptoassets from Cardano (ADA). DOT must now grow faster than Tether is issuing its stablecoin USDT tokens in order to break into the honorable top 3 of the market. The capitalization of USDT is currently $ 32 billion.The DOT began to rally sharply in late December when it traded around $ 5. By surpassing USDT, DOT will be the next largest asset after its closest competitor in the decentralized finance space, ether. Nevertheless, the gap between them is still huge: the capitalization of ETH exceeds $ 200 billion.The two cryptocurrencies also have different trading histories: crypto traders have been familiar with ether since mid-2015, while DOT began to circulate on the market only in the middle of last year.Polkadot is by far the second largest chain in terms of staked assets. According to 

StakingRewards , 60.61% of the available DOTs with a total value of $ 18.3 billion are staked.On this parameter, Polkadot is still inferior to Cardano, which has 71.9% of tokens worth $ 19.5 billion.DOT is trying to keep up with his “wild brother”. This is the nickname for the 

Kusama (KSM) project , which shares a common code with Polkadot, but is more experimental. KSM also hit all-time highs today at $ 226 and is currently the 46th largest crypto asset with a capitalization of $ 1.9 billion.The broader ecosystem of the cryptocurrency project is also benefiting from the attention to Polkadot. According to CoinMarketCap, a number of its tokens, including Polkastarter (POLS), Litentry (LIT) and Stafi (FIS), have grown by 100% or more over the past week.One of the factors of their attractiveness is their lower capitalization compared to DOT, limited to a few tens or hundreds of millions of dollars, which, if Polkadot succeeds as an ecosystem and continues to rise, gives hope for higher growth potential.

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