[Poll Proposal] Introduce a new flair for personal experiences and stories/anecdotes

The options will be

[Yes] – Introduce a new flair titled “**Self story**” for posts that are about personal experiences/stories/anecdotes


# Basis of the proposal :

Lately there have been numerous posts about people explaining their personal goals and their life experiences. Although not too far away from the spirit of subreddit, such posts are being posted under different flairs like **Sentiment** or **Discussion** which doesn’t suit them as they aren’t expressing market sentiments and aren’t intended for discussions on opinions.

Such genuine personal experiences are truly enjoyed and cherished here while some users are spamming such self story post for more upvotes. Evidently, the incentive for majority of such people posting is majorly the donut rewards. So, in this proposal I propose to introduce a new flair of “**Self Story**”. This will help the subreddit with further categorising posts and also remove the need to use the currently used flair “**Sentiment**” which isn’t very suitable for such posts.

# Existing framework :

Recently, there has been an [announcement of how single lined posts were being removed by AutoMod]( It is intended to reduce the number of spam posts of just one/two lines spamming the subreddit which are majorly same self story/personal goals posts. These should be ideally posted as comment threads in the daily discussion.

Even after removing single lined posts, a set of users have started posting the same with some extra body posts to evade the automod removal. So this poll intends to introduce a new flair so that the users posting will have a seperate flair and also helps in categorising such posts.

# Intended goals to achieve :

1. Remove the need to use sentiment or other flairs used by such posts currently and introduce a dedicated flair.
2. Give the flexibility to propose any new changes to such posts as they would have a different flair for easier implementation.

# Changes made if passed :

1. This poll **DOES NOT** propose a ban on such posts.
2. Such self story/personal experiences/anecdote posts will be flaired as “**Self Story**”.

What do you think?

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