There’s been a glut of unoriginal posts, not much exciting news, and a sideways market. So let’s take a moment to celebrate some Doge positivity!

Here’s some things I’d **love** to hear about:

* How you’ve used Dogecoin as currency to pay for something
* How you’ve promoted Dogecoin lately (billboards, stickers, meetups)
* How you’ve introduced someone new to Dogecoin
* How you’ve been charitable with Dogecoin
* How you’ve used Dogecoin to change your life or the life of someone you love

This is what Dogecoin is all about! This is our roots! Let’s get the positivity train going and remember to Do Only Good Everyday

What do you think?

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  1. I sent doge4u some doge to and they sent me a physical “dogecoin”. It’s made of some metal and is so shiny. wow. I pull it out and just show it to people, not in an attempt to get them to buy it but just getting people more familiar with it. It’s not much but people laugh and smile when they see it and that’s all I really want out of them.

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