Price alterations on Coinbase

I use Crypto dot and Coinbase. Right now, on Crypto ETH is at $2019, on Coinbase it is $2004.
Earlier, and something troubling that I have noticed on Coinbase is this; suppose the price of ETH is trading at $2009, if I move to sell, it will list the price as $1995, pre fees. If I go back to the current listing, it will still show $2009 give or take a dollar. Going back to sell; $1995 give or take a dollar. It seems to me that they already skim some off the top, and then add fees if I go through with the sell.
I’m not a whale, I’m glad to be holding .75 ETH; but I find the selling pricing deceptive on CB.
Seeing ETH live on both apps show a disparity of value.
I’d move my ETH to Crypto, but I would take a hit in doing.

What do you think?

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  1. Yes use CB pro. And try to use limit orders instead of market buys. There is usually a difference between any number of exchanges. There is no one set price. They can vary by as much as 5% at times. As a matter of fact some traders make money off crypto in this way.

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