Security Token Offering Services

Steps for STO Development

  • Step 1

Finding the securities which the issuance company to tokenize such as commercial estate. We at Fatchemist carry out our due diligence for tokenization.

  • Step 2
Our auditing, financial and legal consultants forms the core of our security token advisory team will advise on the jurisdiction checks with regards to the on the securities titles such as credit ratings and any other parameters specified by owner
  • Step 3

A Special Purpose Vehicle or Entity(SPV/SPE) is formed especially when tokenizing securities for only the purpose of trading security tokens.

  • Step 4

The technology behind the Tokenized Securities is the strength of Fatchemist. We believe ERC-20 is not an ideal solution for STO due to the gas prices, congestion of networks and changes in protocols. Fatchemist will build customized blockchains with inbuilt smart contracts on top of the Ethereum or in Hyperledger or Stellar.

  • Step 5

The valuation of these securities are scrutinized by an auditing firm , post-which a value per token is suggested and the issuance company such as yours can issue a token at that price.

  • Step 6