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Hey guys,

So I’m a fan of XRP and I believe the underlying technology has potential. I also believe that the settlement of the SEC lawsuit would cause a price spike purely out of hype, but that those prices would be minuscule compared to adoption by financial institutions (**if that takes place**).

I was doing some strategic thinking regarding my short and long-term positions for XRP, you may have seen my previous post about this a few days ago, so I started to consider whether it’s worth holding my positions for the long tun on the educated assumption that XRP would become adopted, with certainty, after the lawsuit.

So I started to research for evidence that would prove that adoption would take place once regulatory clarity arrived. I tried to research to see whether there are any banks that are waiting for this clarity so that they can engage ripple and transact on their ledger, I tried to see if there are any financial institutions that express they want to work with ripple specifically.

I found out that almost all of ripples customers are only using their ledger while no one is using their on-demand liquidity services except an institution in Australia, and I understand to be the service that truly promotes the value of the XRP token ([]( So, long story short didn’t find much.

If you think large-scale adoption is going to take place, what’s your **evidence.** I stress the word **evidence**, as I’m already familiar with all the theories and hype.

What do you think?

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