PSA from ChangeNOW on stuck XMR exchanges

Hey guys, Pauline here with some news about XMR exchanges – just giving you a quick update.

Right now, you can still create ChangeNOW exchanges with XMR even though all of our liquidity providers have cut XMR at the moment. That means that processing time has increased significantly – at the moment, the waiting time for XMR payouts is around 7 hours. After that, all XMR exchanges should be functional again, as we’ll replenish our XMR liquidity out of our own reserves.

We think that giving our customers an opportunity to exchange XMR is important, even if it means longer processing times. Please don’t worry. We’ve got you. The Monero community has been nothing but great to us after three years, and we plan on doing our best to be good for you. Our support team is a bit overloaded, we’ve got your back, each and every exchange will be processed.

All exchanges stuck on Sending to you status should be complete in 7-8 hours. Peace!

NB: If you have any other questions or inquiries, feel free to talk to u/yik3s420 either here or on our subreddit – he’s our staff member and is available for help. Thank you for your patience!

UPDATE, 9:50 AM UTC. What a wild night.

XMR is unavailable until further notice. Around half of the stuck volume has been processed successfully. Stay tuned for more updates and thank you for your patience!

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  1. Pauline, don’t get me wrong, you have just admitted that currently waiting customer has been sold non existent xmr (aka paper-xmr). XMR that do not have but will have in several hours.

    My expectations would be in order to get xmr from market, Change now should bid higher for xmr.

    Would you be able to educate us how this works from ChangeNOW’s policy point of view?

    Question is valid even if change now can replenish the stock within several hours.

    Thanks a lot for your post and thanks for your involvement in XMR.

  2. u/ChangeNow_io how would adding Kraken to your partners work for you? This community really seems to like Kraken and probably would like to support it also through you.

    If it’s more expensive, then at least for situations like this?

  3. Do you think this is also affecting other Exchanges? Honestly I’ve never looked into your service but seeing you post here shows that you actively communicate with your users and are upfront about potential delays which speaks volumes to me.

    I’ve always used and sent two exchanges tonight and they have both been stuck in “sending” for a couple hours now and it’s been making me nervous as it’s never been in that status this long. I think the longest previously was 5-10mins. I think these two pending ones will be my last with them and look forward to using your services in the future!!

  4. Been waiting for 16 hours now. Got banned from the telegram support forum yesterday for pointing out that there are no “blockchain congestion” issues with xmr. These guys are thieves who hate their customers. Calling out the “congestion” narrative is apparently grounds for stealing your money.

    Screencap below:

  5. It let me create an exchange today, and it was confirmed however I got an error and did not recieve anything. Is that just stuck in limbo?? I understand u guys are busy 🙂 thanks for ur time

I suppose everyone noticed that but i want to ask

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