Purchase set for. 21. Just letting those who are wondering know

Lemme know if you want in by DMing me. I can speed it up or slow it down. Don’t want to cause any panic.

You probably know the game by now, anything said publicly has to be kinda a wink and a nod.

I already got my discount. I’ve been just kinda play fighting to play along. Should I stop?

Everyone else good?

Here’s the problem again with online statements. Anytime you say something you draw competition. You can stalemate or you can fuzz your target. The fear of over shooting is real. But it’s not something I’d be afraid of if I was stating it publicly since like I buried in the comment below, overshooting is the product of the human element and Mario slide physics. But if you’re being countered that’s hardly a problem especially at this rate.

In the AM most of the manipulation happens when you can command a complete block of time. Everything is a matter of timing and the fact that even 30 minutes can be split to serve 3 different intentions as long as they aren’t fighting over the same minute.

This is the confusing part for everyone since it’s best to leave the competition with fud….

I will always attack btc as long as it attacks everything else… I mean, the attack on btc lead to so much in fighting 2 btc mafia kings were murdered… Another is currently in prison. That’s not a very cool crypto currency. I will always back doge. Doge has always been the anti doge and btc has held back all of crypto and block chain tech for ages… Btc has been used for all sorts of malevolent purposes, doge stands for something, and that is under estimated.

While btc is meant to be hoarded and is pushed by people who expect or even want the economy to crash leaving them btc kings… Doge is meant to be used. Doge doesn’t benefit from the economy crashing, it’d be better off if the economy was healthy. Meanwhile I’d hope doge would sneak it’s way into common adoption among all the main st. Meanwhile BTC can be monolised further by institutional investors.

Elon gave everyone several clues on Snl. Doge is the people’s crypto and the gift token. It’s so easy to get someone to download a wallet and just gift them 10 doge. That little experience is so fast and easy it’s so obviously the future and they wouldn’t forget it and would immediately understand crypto and know of crypto currency as doge while most people think btc is a company and people are investing in its stock.

Investing is no different than social engineering. We all know institutional investors say things to cause self fulfilling prophecies and go further and pay off “journalists.”

This play fighting with doge is plainly visible on the graph. As soon as the counter party realizes that he’s not actually countering anyone any more its likely hell cause a dip. Or will he? Will my saying so cause him not to?

At that point would I counter? Or would I help him and reach the targeted extremely low 21 cents and score a deeper discount? So like I mentioned earlier when a public statement is made it it tends to draw competition in the form of a counter or in the form of a further dip to under cut the discount we supposedly expected even though it was obvious that they’d counter or cause a under cutting dip. Or maybe saying this will cause them too much indecisiveness and the the time will pass.

That’s for the counter party to decide. Meanwhile I’ll be onto other things regardless but ill be keeping my eyes in doge

We all know the factor of doge doubling is way more valuable and way more likely while btc is way more likely to drop to 25 to 15 as it has before.

If the counter party wants to help drop doge then you would be helping. If the counter party doesn’t want to anymore then I already got my discounts and j suspect everyone else knew the number was just a ruse. I missed the big red drop which I would have wanted to buy… Figured others might have wanted to as well.

Why would I want doge to go down to 21 cents? There is always the fear of a sell off. Or maybe. It. Maybe it could cause a ton of buy in? I’d wager btc dropping to 25 would lead to much more of a sell off and I wouldn’t expect at that level for buy in to significantly occur much at all until 12. But then it’d rise to 16 then drop to 8 and so on since the evaluation of btc is in everyone’s gut ridiculous. A dollar a doge doesn’t seem unreasonable at all.

What do you think?

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  1. Stating a new discord. Dm me for access. You know I’m not a scammer. If you don’t know me then you can speculate but I’m a devoted guard doge and have done plenty to secure the community and to be frank I’ve spent too little looking after myself. I need to be prepared for the future too and I’ve created discount dips for everyone literally from the start.

    I lost my binance account. Lost one kf my coinbase accounts and so I’m just getting myself more motivated by doing a big purchase.

    In the last I’d make public statements until I got botted then most my public statements were more of tests to see who was listening. Dm tweet. We should at this point work together more

    There are 2 ways a public statement like this goes. Either it ends up with me wrangling with a response or there will be a larger dip after ward. So be prepared.

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