Question for OG Crypto peeps holding Safemoon (or anyone really)

I have only been in the Crypto space for about 8 months (got in at a decent time all things considered) but am curious for those who own Safemoon AND have been around crypto for years. Is this low of volume around the whole market normal? Have you seen this before? While I am with you all on wanted to see so much more volume in Safemoon, volume across the whole market seems low. Is it just a phase that happens every now and then? I’m haven’t even considered selling as I’ve only invested “disposable” income… so please don’t take this a FUD. I just want to hear from the people who have ridden the waves about their experience monitoring the market. How do you compare past experiences in the market to where Safemoon is today? All others, feel free to give your two cents as well, love hearing from everyone!

What do you think?

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  1. I’ve been in crypto since 2017. If you’re willing to close your wallet and stop looking or worrying about the value losing 50% or more… You will make money long term

  2. Volume comes and goes. We’ve seen much higher volume in crypto. And safemoon at its peak hit 500M in Volume. So we know the potential of 1B or higher is possible. We will have bug catalysts such as a walletz not volume.producing but will solidify safemoon. Then exchange and blockchain which will bring Volume up with small adoption to mass adoption layer on.

    I’ve been in crypto for 4 years now.

  3. Your heads in the right place. The volume issue for us is about ease of buying and it’s about the fact that you can’t day or swing trade this because of the tokenomics. But once the exchange and block chain happen, holding Safemoon will be like printing money. It’s a waiting game for now.

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