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So I am fairly new to crypto but have a business degree and understand investing. The way I understand crypto is as a currency mixed with a bit of an investment. Am I wrong? So I have invested in safemoon, or have I bought a currency? I view it in terms of shares, I bought x amount of shares in a business called safemoon which I see has astronomical potential to increase in value based on the ceo, road map, the development team and their goals. I also think that they are, to use a poker term keeping a lot close to their chest in terms of plans, which excites me. But I am still slightly confused. It seems some cryptocurrency is like gold like bitcoin in which some park their money there to increase in value to protect itself from inflation. Others like doge is more of a spending type of currency much like buying the yen or euro at different prices and exchanging it with others. Can someone clarify if one, two, several, all, or perhaps a mixture is true. And above all which one is safemoon? Keep in mind I am a huge advocate for what I believe the team is doing I just need some clarification to the crypto world in general or perhaps I have understood it correctly and things are still working themselves out.

What do you think?

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  1. It depends on the project. Some projects are more like gold. Others a currency. And still others a gas (fee). There are some that are a little bit of either or. However, SafeMoon might be all three. As an asset it is highly deflationary. This is due to the 10% fee and burn. This fee, per volume acts as a dividend too, as 5% of transactions are returned to the holders. The other 5% goes towards burn and the liquidity pool. This is the basics of tokenomics. As a currency (not in use yet) there will be no fee to buy and sell goods. As a gas, it is thought to be used in the Exchange, to help with burn and tokenomics across all Crypto (on the Exchange). I could do a better job explaining but I am on my phone and don’t have access to previous post. Hopefully this still helps a little.

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