Questions about the legal structure and IP ownership of the Monero Core Team

This comment by fluffypony leaves me with a questions [](


>The IP for all of this, legally speaking, sits primarily with GloBee and xiphon (on the backend), and with the Core Team (on the front-end), due to the fact that anything you create during your employment is, by default, owned by that entity. Devin was employed by GloBee, and GloBee allowed him to work on the CCS, so the IP rests with them. The same is true for Diego.

>The same is true for Diego (because he was employed by the Core Team).

How does the Core Team “entity” own IP if it’s not a legal entity? Is the Core Team a legal entity? Is it legally a corporation or a partnership in some jurisdiction? Sorry if this information is available somewhere but it’s not readily apparent to me.

Assuming there is no Core Team legal entity/corporation – does each member of the Core Team own a share of the IP? When someone leaves core team do they retain ownership of share of IP?

Also, this makes it seem like rehrar had a formal employment contract also – who was his “employer” if Core Team is not a legal entity/corporation with its own accounts?

What do you think?

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  1. The Monero community essentially boils down to what is called an “unincorporated association.” It’s a group of individuals who have something in common, in this case an interest in the Monero project. The core team can be seen as trustees or representatives, meaning what they as a group “own” is property of the association as a whole ( the entire community).

  2. Tons of countries around the world recognise informal collectives. South Africa has [partnerships](, as an example, which allows up to 20 people to operate a collective “entity”, of sorts, without any registration. When debt is discharged, all members of the partnership are equally liable. This is just one example of an informal collective in a single country. Don’t be locked into “it must be a legal entity” when that’s not the way things work in every country:)

  3. When you write a poem you own the copyright on it by default. You do not need to publish it or recite it to someone, the moment you write it down you get IP rights on it.

    If someone asks a question on stackoverflow and you give a piece of code that you wrote then you own the copyright on it. Nobody else can use that code without licensing it from you or at least getting some kind of permission.

    If there is no other agreement in place then the person who creates something is the copyright holder.

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